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Designing the Energy System of the Future.

Our future energy supply should be carbon neutral, affordable, and socially sustainable. With our “Energy System Design” program, we aim to lead the way and make a significant contribution to the transition to a sustainable global energy system.




MobiLab Citizen Infirmation and Participation
July 2024: More Inclusive Ways of Citizen Participation

KIT researchers show how real-world labs with a mix of digital and face-to-face forms of participation can reach more people than before.

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Real-world laboratories
June 2024: With Real-World Labs Into the Future

KIT's Real:lab Festival invites you to experiment in and with the city: Whether robots in care, autonomous vehicles in road traffic or a more sustainable urban development: the real-world laboratories at KIT bring science and society together to jointly test and shape the future. At the Real:lab Festival from 2 to 6 July 2024, anyone interested can experience for themselves what real-world laboratory research is all about and how they can get involved.

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Banner Zukunftstag
June 2024: Action day - How can transformation succeed?

With mini-workshops, a keynote speech and a World Café, the action day on June, 21st, offers plenty of inspiration on how you can actively shape the future. Meet people who, like you, are asking themselve: "How can I contribute to sustainable transformation?". Discover what you can do and why the transformation needs you.

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Building demolition
May 2024: New from Old: How Concrete Can Be Recycled

Production of concrete is one of the main sources of industrial greenhouse gas emissions. The “Zero-emission Circular Concrete” project at KIT aims to limit them.

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Patrick Jochem
April 2024: Scientist of the month - Patrick Jochem (DLR)

Patrick Jochem has headed the Department of Energy Systems Analysis at the Institute of Networked Energy Systems at the German Aerospace Center (DLR-VE) since 2020 and has been an adjunct professor at the Institute for Industrial Production at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT-IIP) since March 2024. In our interview, Patrick Jochem provides insights into his research.

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Test Bench
February 2024: Technical report on flexibility potentials and solutions

ESD scientists of Topic 2 "Digitalization and System Technology" published a joint technical report on the flexibility potentials and solutions of buildings, districts, transport, and energy-intensive industries.

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