Energy System 2050

ES2050 Helmholtz

Energy System 2050 is the central platform and a visible trademark of the Research Field Energy of the Helmholtz Association and serves as a contact point for cross-program energy issues both internally for researchers and for external inquiries.

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DERlab - European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories


DERlab is an association of leading laboratories and research institutes in the field of distributed energy resources equipment and systems.

The association develops joint requirements and quality criteria for the connection and operation of distributed energy resources (DER) and strongly supports the consistent development of DER technologies.

DERlab offers testing and consulting services for distributed generation (DG) to support the transition towards more decentralised power systems.

EERA - European Energy Research Alliance

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is the largest energy research community in Europe. Organised in 17 Joint Research Programmes, EERA coordinates energy research to achieving more efficient and cheaper low carbon energy technologies.

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is an alliance of European public research centres and universities. It is one of the cornerstones of the European Integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

EERA brings together around 250 research centres and universities across 30 countries. Actively working together in 17 joint research programmes (the EERA Joint Programmes), they build on national research initiatives and work on shared priorities and research projects. The EERA Joint Programmes are aligned with the priorities for low carbon technologies defined in the EU SET-Plan.

EERA works together with industry stakeholders to coordinate research and innovation priorities. This collaboration aims to foster world-class technology and innovation in Europe’s energy sector, and to reduce the time-to-market for technologies.

The EERA Joint Programmes are important points of contact for collaboration outside Europe. EERA members regularly represent the European scientific community globally, collaborating with international partners worldwide.

EERA has fostered the creation of national energy research alliances in many countries, including the UK, The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. These national alliances help coordinating activities at national level and within EERA.

EPTA - European Parliamentary Technology Assessment


The EPTA partners advise parliaments on the possible social, economic and environmental impact of new sciences and technologies.

The common aim is to provide impartial and high quality accounts and reports of developments in issues such as for example bioethics and biotechnology, public health, environment and energy, ICTs, and R&D policy.

Such work is seen as an aid to the democratic control of scientific and technological innovations, and was pioneered in the 1970s by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) of the US Congress.

EPTA aims to advance the establishment of technology assessment as an integral part of policy consulting in parliamentary decision-making processes in Europe, and to strengthen the links between TA units in Europe

GCSO - Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes

GCSO members include universities, research institutes, and corporate sponsors who are interested in co-developing and testing potential solutions to urgent sustainability problems.

The Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes is a global network that advances solutions to sustainability problems through research, development and capacity building. GCSO generates and tests a wide range of solutions including technologies, policies, economic incentives, social change and cultural practices.

GCSO includes diverse global partners who can transform ideas into action. The consortium builds capacity through education and transfers evidence-based solutions to implementers, with the goal to achieve sustainability outcomes on multiple continents.

GCSO’s success is measured by evidence-based, positive outcomes and impacts on sustainability issues worldwide.

Netzwerk TA - Network Technology Assessment

Network TA

The 'Network TA' is an association of scientists, experts and practitioners in the broadly understood field of TA (Technology Assessment). The members of the network represent the various forms of TA and cover the broad spectrum between theory and practice, between research and consultancy and between the various scientific disciplines.

The aim of the TA network is to promote cooperation among TA researchers and those interested in TA and to make TA known to the scientific, political, business and public communities.