We manage system transformation.

Topic 1 Energy System Transformation

Research in Topic 1 is aimed at identifying and assessing societally feasible transformation pathway strategies with consideration to their technoeconomic effectiveness and will thus significantly advance the standard for designing, validating and assessing sustainable transformation pathways. In contrast to already established methods, Topic 1 combines both technoeconomic modeling and actor-specific assessment into a comprehensive interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, including interaction with non-scientific social groups. This complex approach is initially structured into two scientific dimensions:

• In Subtopic ST1.1 “Effective System Transformation Pathways”, the modeling groups will address the challenges to provide an unprecedented level of detail and breadth in a suite of networked energy system models across various technoeconomic scales within and beyond energy systems, including the necessary databases.

• In Subtopic ST1.2 “Societally Feasible Transformation Pathways”, the humanities and social sciences’ groups will focus on integrative assessment methods with prospective and technology-shaping aspects, real-world laboratories including interactive formats with various social groups, and toolbox development for public decision-making processes.